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  • Ninja Star Photography

    Ninja Star Photography will be at the studio this Thursday, January 17th. Please see the attached PDF for your time. 4:52pm -5:00pm Sofia Garcia 5:00pm - 5:08pm Armando Garcia 5:08pm - 5:16pm Evan Benigno 5:16pm - 5:24pm Brayden Harris 5:24pm - 5:32pm Joseph James 5:32pm - 5:40pm Sara Hickman 5:40pm - 5:48pm Addison Hickman 5:48pm - 5:56pm Peyton Blankenship 5:56pm - 6:04pm Sophia Gagliano 6:04pm - 6:12pm Justice Keyes 6:12pm - 6:20pm Travis Smith 6:20pm - 6:28pm Nathan McPherson 6:28pm - 6:36pm Kaelyn McPherson 6:36pm - 6:44pm Matthew Jernigan 6:44pm - 6:52pm Nina Cunningham 6:52pm - 7:00pm Kaylee Baquie 7:00pm - 7:08pm Seth Holzenthal 7:08pm - 7:16pm Lorraine Drez 7:16pm - 7:24pm ....

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  • Dallas National Tournament Information

    Taekwondo United Spring National Tournament March 8 & 9, 2019 (Full Schedule to Follow) Tournament Location: Lewisville Convention Center Hotel Accommodations at the Hilton Garden Inn Lewisville Click Here to Book Your Stay Click Here for a Complete List of Competitions and Rules ....

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  •  in Mandeville - Northshore Taekwondo  - Life Skill: Patience

    Life Skill: Patience

    Dear Parents, This month, your child will be studying the character word: PATIENCE. It is difficult to categorize at what age children will learn patience. In order to learn patience, one must learn how to deal with disappointment. If people give in to every demand of a child, then that child will never learn how to wait for what they want. This can be a difficult cycle to break, but it is possible if you understand this fact; as well as some ways to better teach patience. The following information includes a few facts and tips regarding patience in children and ideas on ways to help them improve upon this character trait:
    With children ages 3 and 4: They are very impatient ....

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  • Uniforms: What to Wear and How to Clean It?

    One of the trickiest parts of taekwondo is keeping the uniform (Do-Bok) looking sparkling white. If your home has well water, it can be even trickier. Here are a few tips to keeping your uniform looking as sharp as your taekwondo techniques:
    Wash your uniform after each class. This is an easy one. After each class, wash your uniform. Even if it “doesn’t smell” or "doesn’t look dirty.” This helps stop it for smelling or looking dirty.
    Only wear your uniform to class. Limit when you wear your uniform. That's not to say don’t wear it on a few errands before or after class. I am saying that before going out to eat or to play at the splash pad or the ....

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  •  in Mandeville - Northshore Taekwondo  - Life Skill: Chrisma

    Life Skill: Chrisma

    “Charisma is the transfer of enthusiasm from one person to another." - Ralph Archbold This month your child will be studying the character skill: Charisma. They will learn that charisma means: to have a magnetic personality . Many of you will be visiting with family and friends that your child may not be familiar with over the holiday season. My goal is to help your child feel more confident in those scenarios. Throughout the month, we will discuss charisma in our end of class mat chats. You can help by reinforcing charisma at home. If you lead by example, your child will follow. Below are some tips on how to compliment the lessons we teach about ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts and Teen Martial Arts for Mandeville and Lacombe

    Check out our new website for Northshore Taekwondo!
    We proudly serve the Mandeville, Lewisburg, and Lacombe areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Kids Martial Arts, Teen Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Google+ ....

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